Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden: Miami's Botanical Garden
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Expedition Discovery

Calling all kids! Become a Certified Explorer and go on adventures throughout the Garden

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PROGRAM: Expedition Discovery Mission Series
Expedition Discovery Mission Kit (includes Explorer Pin)


Mission: Dragon Garden Pin


Mission: Encounter Orchids Pin


Mission: Find the Flutter Pin


Mission: Layer Up Pin


Mission: Jurassic Garden Pin


Mission: Tree-vel the World Pin


Mission: Bee Connected Pin


Mission: Grow Beyond Pin


Mission: Learn from Nature Pin


Mission: Coco's Adventure: From Bean to Bar Pin


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Expedition Discovery: A Budding Explorer's Guide to the Wonders of Fairchild
Scientists have long explored the world to discover and document its wonders. Exploration is an important part of the human experience; it's how we've been able to understand both what's right here on Earth as well as the cosmos!

Plant explorers have been critical to human history, and Fairchild scientists has a long traveled the world exploring for useful plants. That's why we've created the Expedition Discovery Mission Series!

Expedition Discovery at Fairchild

Expedition Discovery is designed to engage your child's natural sense of curiosity by exploring the wonderful ecology of plants and animals at Fairchild. A mission-based series, Expedition Discovery continues to build with each mission. 

Expedition Discovery Mission Kit
$19.99 each
Sold separately online or The Fairchild Shop

Your budding explorer will need the Expedition Discovery Mission Kit in order to set off on the first mission. The kit comes with a lanyard, badge, notebook, pen, the first mission, and the official Expedition Discovery Explorer pin. 

First Mission: Become an Explorer

Now that your kids have their Expedition Discovery Mission Kit, their map-reading skills will be put to the test as they navigate through the Garden on their first mission: Become an Explorer. They'll stop at some of Fairchild’s most iconic locations and adventure through the Garden, discovering hidden corners, incredible plants from around the world, animals, butterflies and other insects, and their very own inner scientist, artist, and explorer. The Mission Plant Explorer guides them through their trek all while they take notes and proudly display their mission badge and pin, just like real science explorers do!

Missions to Explore and Pins to Collect
$3.99 each
Sold separately online or The Fairchild Shop

Every mission offers a unique map, a set of instructive prompts, and a collectible mission pin, making Expedition Discovery a fun and educational collector's series. 

Download the Mission Maps or pick them up at The Fairchild Shop during your visit to Fairchild.
Mission Pins sold separately, $3.99 each online or at The Fairchild Shop

Dragon Garden
Available a limited time during Dragons and Mythical Creatures
Dragons have come to Fairchild and want to tell their tales. These legendary animals have appeared in stories and art from all over the world. On this mission, you'll explore and learn about these mythical creatures and the real places they come from.


Encounter Orchids
On this mission, you are working as a botanist and an explorer. You will learn about a very special family of plants...orchids! Orchids are one of the most diverse flowering plant families, so there is lots to look at and explore.


Find the Flutter
On this mission, you are working as an entomologist, a scientist who studies insects. But, to complete your mission, you need to focus on one specific group of spectacular insects that can be found all around the Garden. You will be working as a lepidopterist, collecting data and making hypotheses about butterflies.


Layer Up!
Explorers, on this mission, you are going to a tropical rainforest. You will be exploring both outdoor and indoor rainforest areas. Rainforests are so tall and full of plants and animals, they’re almost like four habitats stacked on top of each other. You're going to explore the different layers of the rainforest.


Jurassic Garden



Tree-vel the World



Bee Connected

Have you ever noticed that every living thing on Earth has a very distinct role? Some living things have developed relationships that benefit themselves and others. Your mission is to observe and discover how plants and animals interact throughout the Garden. 


Grow Beyond

Explorers, as you travel through the Garden, you might notice that plants can grow in just about any environment on Earth. But did you know that they're also growing in space? Learn how kids just like you are working with NASA to grow plants in space. You'll explore how plants grow, and how we can use science to grow beyond! Download Mission: Grow Beyond


Learn from Nature

Explorers, have you ever watched a lizard climb up a wall? Their feet aren’t sticky like glue or tape, they actually have tiny hairs on the bottom of their feet that lets them stick to walls. We can’t just borrow their feet to help us climb upside down, but we can study them and learn more! On this mission, you're going to learn from nature, and look at how colors and textures can help plants and animals solve problems. 


Coco's Adventure
(Available a limited time during A Festival of Chocolate)

Set on a delicious mission through the Garden to learn where chocolate comes from and how it is made. Our cacao friend, Coco, will take you on the adventure! 


We add missions regularly, so be sure to wear your lanyards and display the Mission Pins when visiting Fairchild!