Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden: Miami's Botanical Garden
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Dragons and Mythical Creatures

Spend your summer at the Garden with the most exciting dragon experience in South Florida!

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Something Ancient This Way Comes: Dragons and Mythical Creatures!
Summer 2023

Larger than life dragons have migrated to Fairchild!

Behold the fully animatronic beasts as these mythical giants roar and share their legendary tales. Kids will enjoy explorer's missions and dragon waterquests where they'll have the opportunity to be knighted and crowned dragon royalty. 

This summer-long event will awaken the explorer in everyone with a sprinkling of mythical lore and magic. It's a must-see experience for the entire family!

The Fairchild App is the best way to follow the interactive adventure. You can also order food from the Glasshouse Cafe right from your mobile device. Headphones encouraged. Download the Fairchild App

You can also download the Map and Visitors Guide now.


Dragoneers Backcountry Quest
Included with admission
Part of the Expedition Fairchild Series

Embark on a captivating journey through Fairchild’s Backcountry, where ancient realms come alive with the presence of magnificent dragons and mythical creatures. Immerse yourself in the adventure of a lifetime as you encounter majestic and fantastical beings that have chosen Fairchild as their home this Summer!

A Dragoneers Waterquest
$9.95 each 

Sold separately online or in person at The Fairchild Shop and the Pop-up Shop.
Includes water blaster, water-inspired challenges and the Official Dragoneer Waterquest Certificate 

Your task is to ensure that the dragon eggs stay cool and out of reach from human handlers. Discover watering holes and refill stations that present thrilling challenges requiring you to use your water blaster to spray water over nearby dragon eggs.

Earn unique badges to place on your Official Dragoneer Certificate. Then head over to The Shop or the Pop-up Shop to join a grand celebration and be recognized as dragon royalty and an Official Dragoneer!

Once you are an Official Dragoneer, bring your water blasters all summer long!

To enjoy the fully immersive and interactive experience, you'll need a mobile device and headphones.

Mission: Dragon Garden
$3.99 each 
Part of the Expedition Discovery Series. Limited time only.
Sold separately online or in person at The Fairchild Shop and the Pop-up Shop.
Includes: Dragon Garden Mission Map and Dragon Garden Collectible Pin

Expedition Discovery Explorers: Assemble! Dragons have come to Fairchild and want to tell their tales. These legendary animals have appeared in stories and art from all over the world. Your Mission Map will guide you along the mission trail as you explore and create your very own dragon tale. 

Download Mission: Dragon Garden Now!


Dragon Birthday Party
For a limited time only.

Celebrate your birthday at Fairchild with Dragons & Mythical Creatures! Click on the button below to view the package details.